Rectangular Filters

    15 products

    15 products

    At Rollei, we offer you a large selection of high-quality filters for professional photographers and demanding hobby photographers. With the two filter series Q: X Pro and Mark II we cover a wide range Rectangular filters for 100 mm Plug-in filter systems.

    Filter series Q: X Pro - Photo filter for plug-in filter system

    the Photo filters of the F: X Pro series from Rollei are even suitable for cameras with a resolution of 150 megapixels, guarantee highest color fidelity without color cast and are also several times through the so-called Luminance coating remunerated, which is also dirt-repellent and scratch-resistant. Our filters are suitable for 100mm and as Gray filter and gray graduated filter available in Gorilla * glass. The robust, translucent and distortion-free filter glass is regularly checked for its high quality by our strict quality assurance and the company's own laboratory. In short: they are the best filters we have ever built..

    Why buy neutral density filters & graduated gray filters of the F: X Pro series?

    Photo filters like our Q: X Pro GND filter and ND filter for inserting into the filter holder make it possible to adapt to all circumstances and lighting conditions and give professional and hobby photographers a feeling for the unique image design which cannot replace post-processing of the RAW files.

    Our plug-in filters also have other advantages:

    • They are suitable for several types of lenses, including ultra-wide-angle lenses
    • You prevent Vignetting
    • Plug-in filter offer more combination options than screw filters
    • Plug-in filters can be essential changed faster are used as screw filters - this enables more dynamics and flexibility when adapting to changing light conditions, e.g. when recording sunrise or sunset
    • Graduated gray filter for filter holders allow an exact adaptation to the respective Horizon line by sliding them up or down. Because with many motifs this is not in the middle. Round filters, on the other hand, always have the horizon line in the middle and this cannot be moved


    Filter series Mark II - ND filter made of high quality Gorilla * glasss

    Rollei is particularly effective for its quality high quality square filter back on Gorilla Glass *. The filter glasses of the current production series are therefore not only extremely weather-resistant , but do not lose their optical properties even through careless or extremely rough handling. The special treatment of the Gorilla * glasses works directly on the molecular level through a bath in boiling hot alkaline solution, a precisely planned exchange of ions starts, which not only protects the raw material better against mechanical pressure, but also through increased surface tension cracks and scratches clearly counteracts. Even with deeper damage, the coating prevents further material chipping at the edges.n.

    Gorilla * glasses are "inherently" special translucent and distortion-free . The special type of glass ensures that these excellent optical properties are not impaired by dirt or damage. In addition, the filter glasses benefit from the one developed by Rollei Special coating whose quality is regularly and strictly monitored.

    Not only demanding photographers benefit from the extraordinary properties of Gorilla * glasses, displays of premium smartphones and tablets are also made from this particularly resistant material. The American company Corning Inc. can look back on more than 160 years of experience in the production and coating of special glasses and optics. the Rollei rectangular filter can therefore be made from Gorilla * glass that is only 2mm thick and, with a particularly low weight, effortlessly meet all the quality requirements that we place on Rollei professional filters..

    Neutral density filter with a special luminance coating

    Reflections can give photos a very individual look or ruin them completely. In order to use these optical effects in a targeted manner, one must reliably prevent their accidental occurrence. For this sets Rollei now on a specially developed special treatment for our special high quality filter glasses . The extreme light transmission and color fastness not affected.

    The special procedure is based on very precise guidelines from Rollei, compliance with which is constantly checked and can also lead to the rejection of complete deliveries. This coating is also ideal for the already extremely resistant, neutral and brilliant Gorilla * glasses of oursr Professional rectangular filter .

    As a photo professional or demanding hobby photographer, you benefit twice as much. When choosing a location, you don't have to worry about any reflections and you can rely on the impressive Weather resistance and robustness the additionally remunerated Rollei rectangular filter made of Gorilla Glass ** completely abandoned even in extreme situations. Even bad bumps or unintentional contact with sharp and pointed objects do astonishingly little to the coated and color-neutral filter glasses.

    The optical tolerance values leave no scope for quality defects: the color curves of the glasses must behave absolutely homogeneously in the range from 400 to 800 nm, otherwise they must not bear the Rollei name. You can add reflections, color shifts or special effects afterwards - the image material represents a neutral, reflection-free and distortion-free basis for your creative ideas.r.

    ND Filter Engineered And Quality Controlled in Germany

    Quality is not a one-off event, but a continuous process that has to be improved again and again and adapted to the wishes of customers and the possibilities of technology. Therefore, after careful and intensive preparatory work, we at Rollei have introduced an extraordinarily strict quality management system that ensures the high quality of our professional filters over the long term. As "Engineered And Quality Controlled in Germany", this QM strategy documents various procedures and framework conditions that far exceed the standards customary in the industry. We proceed in an extremely structured manner and do not leave any result to chance:

    Rollei's specifications and quality expectations form the basis for all subsequent production steps.

    The particularly high-quality Rollei rectangular filter for photo professionals and demanding amateur photographers cover optical properties that could not be guaranteed at the same time with lower quality guidelines. Therefore, all criteria must always be met at all times; compromises in one discipline would immediately affect other aspects. The approval of new production samples is consequently exclusively in the hands of the Rollei filter specialists.

    For Rollei, serial production does not mean a relaxation of expectations. Before the delivery of the production batches, the merciless quality control is based on the AQL principle (Acceptance Quality Limit): If a precisely calculated amount of randomly tested products falls through the grid, the entire batch is received no release..

    The filters delivered then have to pass a final check at Rollei according to the strict AQL requirements before the products can finally be delivered to retailers and end customers.n.

    In view of the already extremely high-quality raw materials and taking into account the comparatively large amount of rejects, the quality principle "Engineered And Quality Controlled in Germany" may seem a bit too strict for some customers, but you can always rely on the quality of yours even in particularly demanding shooting situations Rollei professional filters leaving.

    * Gorilla is a registered trademark of Corning Inc..