Travel Tripods

    14 products

    14 products

    Travel tripods for DSLR & DLSM – small tripod for traveling for single lens reflex and system cameras

    Travel tripods are classic second tripods for travelling, suitable for DSLR (single-lens reflex cameras) and DSLM (mirrorless system cameras & compact cameras), which hobby and professional photographers like to pack into their travel bag.Particularly if they have to be on the road a lot and cannot or do not want to take their heavy photo tripod from the studio with them for reasons of weight and space.

    Travel tripods usually have a smaller and handier packing size than ordinary tripods, but are still stable and sturdy. Our small tripods for travelling weigh less than a normal photo tripod, even with a mounted ball head, and can be easily transported from A to B. Because they fit comfortably in your backpack and luggage or photo backpack.