Rollei Filter Astroklar Rundfilter Nachtlicht Filter
Rollei Filter Astroklar Rundfilter Nachtlicht Filter
Rollei Filter Astroklar Rundfilter Nachtlicht Filter
Rollei Filter Astroklar Rundfilter Nachtlicht Filter
Rollei Filter Astroklar Rundfilter Nachtlicht Filter
Rollei Filter Astroklar Rundfilter Nachtlicht Filter
Rollei Filter Astroklar Rundfilter Nachtlicht Filter
Rollei Filter Astroklar Rundfilter Nachtlicht Filter

Astroklar round filter night light filter


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The phenomenon of ever increasing light smog not only affects the quality of nocturnal city and architecture photographs, even scientific astro-photography is practically no longer possible in urban areas. The large reflector telescopes are therefore on mountain peaks, islands or in deserted areas with no perceptible light pollution. "Normal" professional and amateur photographers can now use the new Rollei Astroklar round filter to reduce the undesirable effect of light pollution and to give their photos more contrast and clarity.

Works reliably against light pollution…

Thanks to a special coating, the new Rollei Astroklar round filter largely reduces the unwanted yellow and orange components of the light and ensures that even difficult structures and transitions are displayed properly and do not "tear out". The night and starry sky, partially or only sparsely illuminated building panoramas clearly gain in contrast and drawing, even extremely distant and barely visible stars can appear clearly on the astro photo. Choose between four common lens diameters for astro and city photography from the Rollei Astroklar round filter is available in 39, 40.5, 46, 49, 52, 55, 58, 62, 67, 72, 77, 82, 86, 95 and 105 mm available. Due to the special anti-light smog coating, your recordings will be a little cooler, the blue and green parts understandably predominate. To counteract this if necessary, you should carry out a manual white balance when working with the astro-clear filter. Our recommendation: Choose a color temperature between 700 K and 1,500 K for the white balance performed without a filter in order to obtain authentic colors in the end result.en.

… and keeps water, oil and dirt safe

The enormous suitability for everyday use of the new Rollei Astroklar round filter is guaranteed by an elaborate, double-sided nano-coating of the high-quality optical glasses. This compensation permanently reduces unwanted light reflections, which can ruin the entire picture, especially with long-term night exposures. Furthermore, the protective layer repels dirt, oil and water almost like a magnet; any residue can be easily removed with a short wipe of the care and cleaning cloth.

The result: high-contrast astro and night shots

The anti-light smog coating of the Astroklar round filters leads to a reduction in general light transmission by 2/3 f-stops / stop. Regardless of whether you use the filter individually or in combination with other optics, the use of a tripod and a cable or radio trigger ensures that you can save pin-sharp images on your camera's memory card.

If you make it easier for yourself to rearrange your studio and, for example, do not want to carry around tripods all the time, we have the ideal solution for you with our tripod castors. Thanks to their easy-to-use bearings and locking brakes, they are particularly easy to handle and assemble and are also suitable for quickly changing the lighting during the shoot.

  • Effectively reduces light pollution in the dark
  • Made from high quality optical glass
  • Double-sided nano-coating
  • Prevents reflections
  • Water, oil and dirt repellent
  • Neutral behavior in the IR light range
Technical specifications
Available sizes: 39mm, 40.5mm, 46mm, 49mm, 52mm, 55mm, 58mm, 62mm, 67mm, 72mm, 77mm, 82mm, 86mm, 95mm, 105mm
Product line: Astro-clear
Material frame:
Material glass:
High quality optical glass with double-sided nano-coating
scope of delivery
  • 1x Astroklar filter

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Astroklar Rundfilter und Premium Rundfilter Set

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Der Filter macht das was er soll. Wer sich vorher schlau gemacht hat, hat mit diesem Filter keine Probleme bei Nacht- bzw. Astroaufnahmen.

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Sehr schmaler Filter, gut für Weitwinkelobjektive, leichtgängiges Gewinde, sehr zu empfehlen!


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Astroklar Rundfilter Nachtlicht Filter

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