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Rollei presents the new HS Freeze 1s for Sony cameras

Rollei präsentiert den neuen HS Freeze 1s für Sony-Kameras

Practical and revised solution with Sony multi-interface connection

After the successful launch of the HS Freeze 1s clip-on flash, the photo accessories manufacturer Rollei is following suit. With the new HS Freeze 1s for Sony cameras, the manufacturer is responding to numerous customer requests and has optimized the system flash in such a way that an additional adapter is no longer necessary. The new variant for Sony devices also impresses with the well-known highlights, such as a lithium polymer battery with a capacity of 1,600 mAh, a flash output of 80 watt seconds and a guide number of 60, which can be adjusted in 9 f-stops.

Norderstedt, 03/22/2023. The popular Flash series HS Freeze has different devices that are very popular with Rollei customers. This includes the HS Freeze 1s, who recently added the first clip-on flash to the series. Now Rollei is presenting the clip-on flash in a revised and further developed version for Sony cameras and thus responds to numerous customer requests and feedback.

The Shoe mount flash specially developed for Sony devices no longer requires an adapter between the flash and the camera or the cold shoe adapter is used. The novelty is exclusive to Sony cameras equipped with the multi-interface connector. Like the regular flash in the range, the new product also has a lithium polymer battery with a capacity of 1,600 mAh. More than 450 releases are possible with a single battery charge. In addition, it offers a flash output of 80 watt-seconds and a guide number of 60, each of which can be adjusted in 9 f-stops.

For maximum flexibility, the HS Freeze 1s for Sony cameras for unleashed flashes with various radio transmitters from Rollei, such as the professional radio transmitter Mark II. Shots in rapid succession and with short shutter speeds are possible thanks to a fast recycling time of just 1.5 seconds and an impressive burn time of up to 1/10,000 s in normal mode and 1/50,000 s in freeze mode with an effective flash duration of t = 0.5 no problem.

Three different application modes Speedlite, Master and Slave offer additional flexibility. In Speedlite mode, the flash is only triggered via the hot shoe of the connected Sony camera. In master mode, the flash acts as a wireless remote trigger for compatible flashes. In slave mode, the flash can be triggered via other radio triggers. The clip-on flash can be used in TTL mode as well as in manual mode (M) and has the synchronization modes HSS high-speed synchronization, freeze synchronization, synchronization with the first shutter and synchronization with the second shutter.s.

Despite all its functions, the HS Freeze 1s for Sony cameras compact and weighs just 460 grams without the battery. Photographers can easily take it and the extensive range of accessories with them wherever they go without having to carry heavy luggage with them. For even more flexibility, the existing optional accessories, such as the accessory set with color foils or the Bowens adapter, can also be used for the new flash.


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Produktabbildung HS Freeze 1s Aufsteckblitz für Sony-KamerasProduktabbildung HS Freeze 1s Aufsteckblitz für sony Kameras