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Unique memories through a color powder shoot!

Einzigartige Erinnerungen durch ein Farbpulver-Shooting!

The photographer Pia Bethkenhagen loves animal photography. To give it that extra something, she uses it alongside ours studio flash Color powder for your creative shooting ideas. However, since photographing the four-legged friends often poses a small challenge, Pia takes elements of the studio flash and high-speed photography to help. The Freeze function the HS Freeze studio flashes make it possible fast movements like capturing that of the dog and the details of the powder.

This is how it works: Equipment and material for Pia's shooting idea

The photographer implements her creative shooting ideas with a complex background system skillfully. She uses two tripods, a crossbar and black fabric to hold the Focus on the dog to steer. Plus she uses it Professional lamp tripod 285 cm and the umbrella softbox by Rollei. In order to be able to expose the set completely, the Rollei HS Freeze 6s with the Professional radio transmitter Mark II for use. Pia takes the photos with the Canon 5D Mark III and a 135 mm lens with an aperture of f/8.0, an exposure time of 1/200 second and a flash intensity of level 8 in freeze mode. For detailed information on Freeze mode, you can read here.


Set structure for the shooting idea with studio flashes

At least one helper is required to ensure that everything runs smoothly. This brings the animal into position and scatters it Color powder in the fur. Now comes the command to jump and the dog jumps Pia directly in front of the lens. It's important to take enough breaks and take the correct ones positioning of the powder to ensure that the beloved four-legged friend does not get any of it in his eyes or nose.

The location she chose for the shoot is also particularly interesting. While the freeze function is mainly used indoors or in studios, Pia photographed outdoors. This way she could ensure that the dog had enough space to jump.

Aufbau des Farbpulver-Shootings

Color powder shooting explained quickly and easily!

„The most important thing about Color powder shooting is movement“, explains the photographer. She advises using fine flour as a dry run for the shooting idea with dogs so as not to waste the colorful powder. A fair amount of the powder is used to finish the desired effect to be able to photograph. From experience, the photographer advises providing two obstacles, as the powder flies best when the animal lands from the first jump and immediately transitions to a new jump. This is how the color powder shoot is captured perfectly. through the Rollei studio flash can in photographed in series and every image is sharp.

If the powder for the creative shooting idea is too expensive for you, you can easily make it yourself from cornmeal and food coloring and thus create exactly the color you want. The powder used as well as the usage is made of cornmeal completely harmless for dogs. If you want to be absolutely sure that your dog is not allergic, it is advisable to apply the powder to a small area of ​​the coat before the shoot.

We wish you a lot of fun with your color powder shooting and look forward to your results. Feel free to tag us Instagram and Facebook!

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