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    6 products

    Rollei studio flashes – smart functionality, compact design & high performance with battery

    Up to now, many ambitious amateur and professional photographers know the typical studio flash mainly from its use in photo studios. Here, typical flash heads are mounted on a lamp tripod, connected to a generator and to the power supply via lots of cables and, in combination with studio flashes, accessories for light control such as soft-boxes, beauty dishes and reflectors are used for optimal illumination in portrait photography, fashion photography and product photography. Because a flash integrated in the camera is often not sufficient for this purpose. It cannot be swivelled, has no high power, no possibilities to control the light, a short range and a long charging time. These deficiencies are compensated by studio flashes and other flash devices.

    But both studio flashes and attachable flashes have their advantages and disadvantages. The biggest disadvantage of many studio flashes with correspondingly large control ranges and high flash output has so far been mainly the dependence on the power supply and that the transport of generators, studio flashes, cables and accessories was correspondingly costly. Also the large softboxes and other light shapers often take up a lot of space. So far! Because the HS Freeze studio flashes and light shapers from Rollei overcome the old boundaries between battery-operated flashes and powerful but mains-dependent studio flashes - without having to make compromises in terms of power and operating time. Quite the contrary. A new generation of studio flashes with rechargeable battery is waiting to support you in the studio as well as in nature with optimal and creative illumination.