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    20 products

    Buy tripods for photography beginners online at low prices

    At Rollei, we don't just want to offer our products to absolute professionals, but also to those customers who have just started with photography. That's why we also offer Tripods for beginners , which are above all in a somewhat lower price range. Despite the affordable price the tripods do not lack functionality or quality. They offer exactly what you want Beginners in DSLR & DSLM photography require. From the material to the smooth leg locks for quick adjustment of the tripod height in dynamic subject situations.

    What can entry-level tripods do for DSLM, DSLR and video cameras?

    The tripods are compatible with all common DSLR cameras (single-lens reflex cameras), DSLM cameras (mirrorless system cameras) and video cameras. The basic requirement is standardized 1/4 "thread such as cameras from Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus, Pentax, Panasonic and Samsung.
    All our Entry-level models include a bag for transport, a quick release plate and a tripod head in the scope of delivery. This is a ball head with a panorama function and an integrated spirit level.

    All tripods in the series can also be easily converted to Monopod, so forMonopod to be repurposed. The 180 degree folding mechanism of the legs also ensures the small pack size, so that the Entry-level tripods fit comfortably in the supplied bag or a photo backpack. The reversible center column also enables the tripods to be used in the area of the Macro photography especially for shots close to the ground.

    With just one tripod, you can cover all areas of application from street photography to travel photography to landscape photography or use in the photo studio.