Remote Shutter Release

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    10 products

    Rollei remote release for successful photographs

    Next to Camera accessories such as tripods or photo filters also count Camera shutter release indispensable equipment for your photography. Choose between Radio remote release or cable remote release for your Canon, Nikon or Sony . Both ensure trouble-free exposure settings when taking photos. With a Remote shutter release you can take fantastic, blur-free images with or without a release cable.

    A remote release for your camera makes sense for these types of photography:

    • Recordings in the evening or in complete darkness: Long exposure mode, HDR images are often used here. A radio remote trigger prevents the photographs from being blurred by manually pressing the trigger.

    • Macro photography / repro photography / product photography: A remote release is essential for successful recordings. Shocks caused by triggering the camera can thus be avoided. Even minimal vibrations make the difference, especially when it comes to enlargement.

    • Nature photography / wildlife photography: By using a remote shutter release, you won't startle shy wildlife from your presence. Radio remote triggers are particularly recommended here. This means that you can wait for the optimal moment of the picture at a safe distance.

    • Self portraits: With a shutter release for your camera, you can take a relaxed picture of a self-portrait.

    • Group photos: If one person in the group has to operate the shutter button separately, someone will always be missing from your group picture. You can avoid that with a remote release.