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Equipment for cameras

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    30 products

    Equipment for cameras - the perfect addition
    The camera represents only one element of the photographic process. A lot has been made easier in the course of digital photography, but only with the right equipment is it possible to implement all creative ideas completely according to your ideas.

    The remote release is indispensable for family celebrations, self-portraits and the like

    In analog times, a cable release had to be connected to the camera so that it could be triggered remotely. Thanks to modern remote controls, those times are finally over. Thanks to sophisticated infrared technology, it is now easier than ever to control your own camera remotely. This means that group photos are guaranteed to succeed even without a self-timer or missing photographers in the picture. A big advantage of the modern remote release is their small size, so it is possible to make creative self-portraits disappear within the picture structure. Such triggers are also often used in animal or sports photography. Wild animals are not frightened when operated from a distance and in sports the camera can be placed closer to the action.

    Creative effects of the extra class photography with lens balls

    They first appeared on social media photographs in which a compressed world is literally turned upside down. This is possible using a so-called lens ball. One of these is a perfectly round glass sphere in which the incident light is centered. If photographers hold these in front of the lens, unique creative effects are created, depending on the lighting mood. These certainly cause astonishment for the viewer and the possible uses of the lens ball are almost unlimited..

    For more combination options, the cold shoe adapter

    Modern cameras today are usually equipped with a so-called hot shoe. This transmits data directly to an attached flash or a trigger for external flashes. If more devices or devices with a different connection are to be attached to the camera, the cold shoe adapter is used. This significantly expands the options for attaching monitors, microphones or multiple flashes. Cold shoe adapters are also popular with videographers.

    Security for valuable data in the SD card holder

    What the film used to be is now the SD card. Depending on the size, this saves several thousand images. It is all the more important that this is not lost. With an SD card holder you always know where the important storage media are. In addition, the holder provides reliable protection against dust, moisture and vibrations. A special level of security is provided by waterproof SD card holders that can even float and are therefore the perfect equipment for adventurous photo shoots.

    Clean lenses and dust-free work

    Wherever optical elements and sensitive sensors are used, cleanliness is the top priority. So that your own camera shines like new again after a long hike or vacation, the use of a cleaning set for cameras is recommended. Even beginners can use this to clean the front and rear elements of their own lenses. In addition, the dust can be easily removed from the camera body, so that the risk of dust and dirt entering when changing the lens is significantly reduced.

    Photographers put together the camera equipment according to their ideas. Depending on whether you like to take photos while traveling, in the studio or at weddings, you need different camera equipment. Even if this does not relieve you of photography and composition, it makes everyday creative life a lot easier.

    The advantages of modern camera equipment at a glance:

    - handy, light and robust
    - always at hand for the realization of creative concepts
    - develop new visual languages with simple means
    - suitable for any type of camera
    - extends the life of cameras and lenses
    - Can be used spontaneously and can be used in many ways