Area LED lights

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    18 products

    Area lights - perfect light in the studio and on location

    In photography and videography, light always takes the leading role. If there is no light or if there is only sparse lighting, no recordings are possible either. Not everyone has the time or the luck to wait for the right ambient light and indoors, creatives rely on artificial light anyway.

    An LED panel light for the photo studio is the ideal handy and powerful support for every type of production. Not only videographers use the variably adjustable lights, more and more photographers are opting for permanent light in order to be able to control the light even more precisely and, above all, faster.
    Thanks to powerful yet energy-saving LEDs, surface lights are a real alternative to flash. Due to their handy flat format, surface lights with LEDs can be used in any equipment and can therefore also be used on location, i.e. for productions outside the studio.


    The RGB LED panel means more creative freedomt

    The light in surface lights can not only be varied continuously in terms of intensity, but thanks to the colored LEDs it can also cover almost all colors of the visible spectrum. Users have the option of precisely choosing the color and the saturation can also be precisely adjusted. This enables creative effects to be achieved in no time at all. For example, backgrounds can be colored or colored spots can be set. When using several surface lights, it is advisable to work with complementary colors.

    LED panel lights in photography mean quick assembly and great flexibility. Depending on the size of the selected panel, i.e. the light source, photographers can achieve soft light that is particularly effective in portraits. Another advantage of the area lights with LEDs compared to the use of flashlights is that there are no synchronous times and that picture creators can see immediately what the finished photo will look like after it has been taken.

    The LED panel light for the video

    Personal videography is growing in popularity, largely thanks to social media, streaming, and vlogging. Area lights are inexpensive and, thanks to their versatility, replace a number of other lights. If surface lights are used for YouTube, it is easy to set up a professional lighting set-up within a few minutes, regardless of the location. The sound and, above all, the light are decisive factors for the quality of a video and the LED panels can also reach an attractive level within a short time.

    Depending on the size of the surface lights selected, they can be used on the camera, with a rig, on light stands and even on table stands. This means that all kinds of scenes can be correctly illuminated. Thanks to the precise adjustment of the color temperature, a combination with ambient light or other light shapers is possible without any problems.
    On location, it turns out to be a great advantage that both wired and rechargeable operation is possible.

    - handy and transportable
    - robust and quick to assemble
    - flexible to use
    - suitable for cameras, rigs and tripods of all kinds
    - Light color, saturation and temperature can be controlled in detail
    - Battery operation is possible
    - available in many different sizes
    - Available in a bundle with softboxes