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    4 products

    Universally applicable - the Rollei L-Brackets

    With theRollei L-bracket the change of your camera fromLandscape to portrait format now an absolute breeze. Simply attach your L-bracket to your DSLR or DSLM using the Allen key supplied by us. In no time at all, you can record all your motifs in exactly the format that you think is perfect for you. OurL-mount Not only made of particularly stable aluminum, of course, but also with all of themTripod heads from Arca-Swiss compatible.

    Your model guaranteed!!

    We have in developing ourL-angle made sure that he is common for allCamera types is appropriate. It doesn't matter whether you have a DSLR / DSLM or a compact camera.

    L Bracket

    Recess for connections

    So that you get theconnections on the side of your camera (For example, for an external microphone, even if the bracket is already attached, it has recesses on the side connections. So you can work normally with your camera at any time.

    Anti-slip coating

    We absolutely want your camerasecure hold when the bracket is attached. That's why we have ours L-angle aAnti-slip coating given. So it stays exactly where it should be.


    With ourL-angle your camera moves directly on the optical axis of the tripod. Get for examplePanoramic shots not the distortion it would without the L-angle would get. It's also much faster, the angle ofLandscape to portrait format to switch than to rotate the tripod head and first realign everything.