Rectangular filter sets

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    6 products

    Rectangular filter sets - the ideal exposure every time

    Filters have always played an important role in photography. Even in the digital age, they are used to realize the creative vision of the photographer. The range of filters and their possible uses is large, so that there is always the right solution if you need to take photos under less than ideal lighting conditions, if colors or contrast need to be corrected or if you need to soften annoying reflections.

    What a square filter is needed for

    The rectangular filter is the variable and innovative further development of the classic screw filter, which is screwed into the front thread of a lens. Using a rectangular filter means for the photographer not to be tied to a certain combination of lens and the precisely fitting filter. The filter holder, which securely fixes the rectangular filter in front of the front element of the lens used, is the key to the numerous possible uses. Using adapter rings in all common thread sizes, the filter holder can be attached to practically any lens, regardless of whether it is a fixed focal length or a zoom lens of all focal lengths.

    What is the function of the ND square filter?

    The neutral density filter is the most widely used filter in modern photography. It is used when the photographer wants to influence the exposure time. Depending on the selected extension factor, the gray filter reduces the incident light.
    Thanks to the numerous different filter permeabilities, the areas of application of the neutral density filter can hardly be narrowed down. Square filters from the F: X Pro series are often used in wedding or portrait photography. In bright light it is often not possible to work with the open aperture. This prevents the desired cropping effect or means that the photographer is dependent on extremely short exposure times or the electronic shutter. Especially when working with ambient light in combination with flash light, correct exposure is only possible thanks to the use of an ND square filter due to the limiting flash sync time.

    The gray graduated filter is a special feature in the photographer's repertoire. It has the same effect as a conventional filter for the neutral density, but only on a previously selected area of the image composition. The gray graduated filter is traditionally used in landscape photography. Despite the high exposure range of modern cameras and the digital post-processing of RAW files in corresponding programs, there is a risk that the particularly bright areas will be eroded or that the detail drawing in the shadows will not be sufficient due to the high contrast range between the dark foreground and the bright sky.
    This shows another advantage of the rectangular filters made of Gorilla Glass, these can be rotated as required due to the holder construction and can therefore be precisely adapted to the composition of the image. Regardless of whether it is horizontal, vertical or at any desired angle, the camera can remain on the tripod and the light situation can be adjusted with a single movement..

    When is the polarizing filter used??

    The polarization filter fulfills a number of tasks. It is particularly popular in architecture and landscape photography. Its job is to prevent reflections. With this filter it is possible to make reflective water surfaces transparent or to eliminate annoying glare effects caused by reflective windows or other reflective surfaces. In landscape photography, the polarizing filter also has the effect of reducing the natural haze in the sky, making colors appear more intense and slightly increasing the contrast.

    The gorilla glass

    All rectangular filters are made of robust Gorilla Glass. This is not only particularly shock-resistant and scratch-resistant, but also easy to clean. Fingerprints, dust and, above all, traces of cleaning on the filters are a thing of the past.

    - practical sets with several extension factors
    - easy attachment thanks to holders and adapters
    - robust and scratch-resistant gorilla glass
    - perfect for a wide variety of photographic applications
    - portable, light and easy to store
    - high quality optical glass
    - Can be easily supplemented with additional filters
    - ideal for long exposures
    - more leeway in digital post-processing