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Rectangular Filter Graduated Grey Filters


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Graduated gray filter of the F:X Pro series for all conditions

Photo filters such as our F:X Pro GND filters for insertion into the filter holder allow the camera to adapt to all conditions and lighting, giving professional and amateur photographers alike the feeling of unique image composition that no post-processing of RAW files can replace.

Gray graduated filters, for example, allow subjects to be photographed with a high dynamic range, i.e. different levels of brightness and numerous contrasts, without the sky appearing unstructured or some areas being photographed too bright and others too dark.

This is because the individual areas of an image section, which can be roughly divided into top, centre and bottom, receive different amounts of light from the sun but are captured with a uniform exposure time. The gradient filter ensures that less light reaches the image sensor from brighter areas during the exposure time and more light from darker areas to compensate for the disadvantage of the image sensor in dealing with differences in brightness and contrast compared to our eyes. For different situations there are therefore also different grey gradients.

Our plug-in filters also have other advantages:

  • They are suitable for several types of lenses, including ultra wide angle lens
  • You prevent vignetting
  • Plug-in filters offer more possible combinations as a screw filter
  • Plug-in filter can be changed much faster - this enables more dynamics and flexibility when adapting to changing light conditions, e.g. when recording sunrise or sunset
  • Graduated gray filter for filter holder allow an exact adaptation to the respective horizon line by sliding them up or down. Because with many motifs this is not in the middle.