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Home office

Working from home has become the new normal, and our life cannot be imagined without it. To make it as pleasant as possible, you will find a selection of products here that make every remote meeting possible in a relaxed manner and put you in the limelight!!


Our R-Cam is the perfect webcam for working from home. It offers a clear picture even in poor lighting conditions. But also oursActioncams 9s, 8s or 7s can easily be converted into a webcam.

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Permanent LED light for the desk is ideal so that there are no unfavorable shadows on your face. OurLUMIS Key Light is ideally suited for this, as it does not dazzle due to its special design.

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Table tripod

A table tripod is ideal for placing the webcam or the LED lights. Our clampable is particularly comfortableTabletop Stand Edge. This can be easily attached to the edge of the table.

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Streaming equipment

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