Rollei Filter F:X Pro UV Filter Rundfilter
Rollei Filter F:X Pro UV Filter Rundfilter
Rollei Filter F:X Pro UV Filter Rundfilter
Rollei Filter F:X Pro UV Filter Rundfilter
Rollei 26231

F:X Pro UV round filter

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F:X Pro UV-Filter von Rollei

Q: X Pro round filter UV filter

Of the F: X Pro series UV filtersie is an extremely practical one screw-on lens attachment which mainly ensures that the ultraviolet component in sunlight is specifically blocked and does not lead to unwanted color distortions.
UV light is invisible to the human eye and can easily have a disruptive effect on the image sharpness, especially with large enlargements of details, it can be very problematic..

Blockiert ultraviolettes Licht

Mustergültige Farbtreue

Additionally has a UV filter It can also have mechanical advantages due to its otherwise very image-neutral properties lens stay (even when photographing without daylight) and in this way protects the expensive optics from damage.

Precisely because most camera sensors nowadays come from the factory Block UV light , the inexpensive additional protection of expensive lenses is a particularly efficient area of application today UV filter . And thanks to Gorilla Glass and multiple dirt-repellent coatings, Rollei's UV filters have been optimized for precisely this purpose..

We have also given them our Luminance Coating so that yours Freedom from reflection at 99.5 percent lies. This guarantees you razor-sharp images even with high-end cameras with 150 MP. The color fidelity is exemplary, which means for you that you can capture your surroundings exactly as you saw them.en.

Gorilla glass makes our filters extremely durable. Its special manufacturing process makes it particularly resistant and brings at the same timeg high light transmission and color neutrality with himself. Our anti-scratch layer makes dirt easy to remove and also gives the glass its special hardness. Not only is it scratch and break-proof, it is also temperature-resistant. We tested this under the highest quality standards in extreme heat and extreme cold. You want the best filters we've ever made With our F: X Pro, you get them.e.

* Note: Gorilla Glass is a protected word mark of the Corning company and is used by us for our filters. All naming rights are held by the Corning company.g.

  • UV round filter made of high-quality Gorilla * glass, the special glass for particularly high-quality photo productste
  • F: X Pro Coating: Ultra-fine coating, exemplary color fidelity, 99.5 percent freedom from reflections, diamond-like scratch resistance and no color cast. Thanks to its unique surface coating, the filter glass defies even the most adverse environmental influences such as scratches, bumps or permanent material contactt
  • Distortion-free, hard and highly translucent
  • Extremely robust and hard-wearing
  • Engineered & Quality Controlled In Germany: Tight technical specifications, individual quality check in Germany and special measuring methods
  • Available in diameters 40.5, 49, 52, 55, 58, 62, 67, 72, 77, 82 or 112 mm

* Gorilla is a registered trademark of Corning Inc..

Technical specifications
Gorilla * glass, aluminum ringg
Product line: Q: X Pro
Available sizes: 40.5, 49, 52, 55, 58, 62, 67, 72, 77, 82 or 112 mm
Lenses with 112 mm filter thread:
NIKKOR Z 50 mm 1: 1.2 p
NIKKOR Z 14-24mm f / 2.8 S
AF-S NIKKOR 120 300mm f / 2.8E FL ED SR VRR


* Gorilla is a registered trademark of Corning Inc..

scope of delivery
  • Rollei F: X Pro UV round filter
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