Rollei Licht HS Freeze 4s Studioblitz mit Akku
Rollei Licht HS Freeze 4s Studioblitz mit Akku
Rollei Licht HS Freeze 4s Studioblitz mit Akku
Rollei Licht HS Freeze 4s Studioblitz mit Akku
Rollei Licht HS Freeze 4s Studioblitz mit Akku
Rollei Licht HS Freeze 4s Studioblitz mit Akku
Rollei Licht HS Freeze 4s Studioblitz mit Akku
Rollei 28088

HS Freeze 4s studio flash with rechargeable battery

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HS Freeze 4s - flexible studio flash with rechargeable battery

Our HS Freeze 4s studio flash will give you a whole new feeling of photography. It doesn't matter whether you want to use it in the studio or outside. This mobility is brought about by its strong lithium polymer battery, with the power of which you can fire up to 500 times at full power.



What also benefits you along the way is the fact that our HS Freeze 4s is protected from dust, sand and spray water *. In this way, you can work with powder during shootings in the studio, for example, and you can pack up in peace on the way if it starts to rain.



As its name suggests, it is of course also capable of high-speed sync (HSS) and freeze. But a manual mode, in which you have full control over your exposure, and TTL are also possible. For example, TTL is suitable for situations that change quickly. The exposure is automatically adjusted. There are no limits to your creativity when taking photos. The power of the flash: 400 watt seconds (Ws), the flash recycle time depending on the strength of the flash is between 0.2 and 0.9 seconds. This means that the flash is charged for the next flash in less than a second, even at full power. However, since full power is often not required, the flash is often ready for the next trigger in less than 0.9 seconds.


Note: TTL and HSS modes cannot be used together.



The flash also has a bayonet connector that you can use to connect your light shapers that are Bowens compatible. Rollei continues to rely on this connection, so that you, as our customer, will be able to use your Rollei light shapers as well as those from other brands in the future.

Together with the flash head you will also receive a reflector with magnetic colored foils, a battery and the associated charger. A bag and a USB cable are also included.


* only applies to the aluminum housing, except for the front of the flash (flash tube)


Comparison of our HS Freeze studio flash series


Vergleich der HS Freeze Studioblitz-Serie von Rollei

 Gewicht der verschiedenen Studioblitze von Rollei im Verlgeich


    • Now even faster: recycling time of up to 0.9 seconds at maximum performance
    • Maximum power of 400 watt seconds
    • Strong battery: 500 releases at full power
    • Suitable for outdoor use: protected from spray water, dust and sand *
    • Flash modes: TTL & Manual, HSS & Freeze
    Technical specifications
    Flash output: 400 WS
    Energy efficiency class
    (EU 2017/1369):
    EU energy efficiency class spectrum (EU 2017/1369): A - G
    Flash charging time: About 0.9 seconds
    Power control: 9 f-stops (in 0.1F or 1.0F steps)
    To sue: 2.8 "
    Burning time: Normal: 1 / 800s - 1 / 8000s Freeze: 1 / 800s - 1 / 19000ss
    Guide number: 66 (at ISO 100)
    Power supply: Interchangeable and rechargeableLithium polymer battery (14.8V / 4Ah)
    Channels: 0-15
    Groups: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J
    Flash releases: Up to 500 (with fully charged battery)
    Modeling light: 15 W LED
    Interfaces: Sync socket (3.5 mm) USB (for software updates))
    Infrared sensor: Integrated (IR slave function)
    Radio range: Up to 300 meters (built-in radio receiver)
    Display type: Multifunction LCD
    scope of delivery
    • 1x studio flash including flash tube
    • 1x protective glass
    • 1x cover
    • 1x battery
    • 1x charging cable (plug type C)
    • 1x reflector
    • 1x magnet color foils
    • 1x sync cable
    • 1x USB-C cable
    • 1x bag
    • 1x instruction manual
    If you are looking for firmware, operating instructions, data sheets or declarations of conformity, please visit our download center
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