Rollei HS Freeze 6 Studio Flash Unit Set Double

  • Perfect foundation for studio flash photography
  • Can be used for sports, portrait and product
    photography and to freeze motion
  • Portable battery-operated studio flash with 600 ws
    which can be used indoor and outdoor
  • HS Freeze 6 is protected against spraying water, sand
    and dust
  • Different modes: high speed sync (1/8000s), freeze mode
    (1/19000), front and rear curtain, TTL and manual mode
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The Rollei Professional HS Freeze 6 Flash Unit also provides for perfect illumination of your desired location outside of the studio. Two mobile studio flashes, two suitable professional lamp tripods, two versatile Octaboxes and two durable 55-degree reflectors in the new HS Freeze 6 Double Kit now also enable you to put even the most elaborate, creative lighting scenarios into effect in the foreground and the background of your subject or to have the latitude to experiment completely freely in the open air especially with portrait photographs.

2 high-performance Rollei HS Freeze 6 Professional Studio Flash Units

Each of the two professional flash units in the HS Freeze 6 Double Kit supplies powerful 600-Ws flash output with a guide number of 80 (ISO 100, 2 metres of distance to your subject with a 55-degree reflector), which are already fully available to you again after an extremely short charging time of only 1.9 seconds. Naturally, the exchangeable, rechargeable lithium-ion battery is also available separately so that you can always take sufficient reserves with you even for extended outdoor trips. You control the integrated radio receiver with a considerable range of up to 300 metres by means of the Rollei radio transmitters that are sold separately for numerous camera models. The Rollei app, which is available completely free of charge for both iOS and Android systems, enables you to adjust up to 15 studio settings and to store and retrieve them. You can control all creative flash modes such as high speed sync or freeze and naturally also the TTL, manual, Easy Cap or delay operating modes completely wirelessly or flash on the 1st or 2nd shutter. In the process, the extremely natural colour temperature of 5,500 K varies only by ± 150 k in total on a spectrum of 9 aperture stops. In freeze mode you record each moment with an unbelievably short flash duration of just 1/19,000 second.

2 excessively long 285-cm Professional Lamp Tripods

Already in the studio very tall lamp tripods extend the potential variety of perspectives. Professional tripods with working heights that are clearly overhead are among the most important flash accessory parts in an extensive outdoor setting. The two 285-cm professional lamp tripods don’t just carry the HS Freeze 6 flash units in the double kit. The maximum load-bearing capacity of 7 kg ensures that the professional Octaboxes can also be precisely aligned with the desired subject. The extremely sturdy, black aluminium stands can be folded up to a packed size of merely 104 cm for transport and weigh only 2.6 kg in each case. The exchangeable spigot and the integrated pneumatic suspension system are also among the proven professional features. Depending on the intended use, you have a 1/4 inch and a 3/8 inch connection at your disposal.

2 versatile 90-cm Professional Octaboxes

There are two 90-cm Professional Octaboxes contained in the new HS Freeze 6 double bundle so that you can work with very soft, flattering light especially on portrait photographs in natural surroundings or under unusual conditions on location. The Octaboxes, which are deployable in a few steps and are freely rotatable by 360 degrees, can be provided with a honeycomb (GRID) so that the desired light direction can be arranged still more precisely. In the process, the tried and tested, popular Bowens connection ensures that an Octabox can be assembled quickly and that it has a firm, steady grip on the HS Freeze 6 studio flash units.Naturally, there are two sturdy bags contained in the scope of delivery.

2 robust 55-Degree Professional Studio Flash Reflectors

There are two 55-degree professional studio flash reflectors included in the HS Freeze 6 double bundle so that you are also able to add strong contrasts in illumination to the soft, even light of the octagonal softbox if necessary. The black matte external coating prevents unwanted reflections and the fine-grained, silver interior form and the exact beam angle of 55 degrees make precise hard light accents and an extremely contoured strong shadow possible. Thanks to their sturdy, high-quality design, both reflectors can be transported very easily and the Bowens connection represents their secure link to the HS Freeze 6 and all compatible professional devices.

Technical data
Scope of delivery:
2xHS Freeze 6, 2xReflector, 2xOctabox, 2xFlash Stand
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